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Title: Basic Story info
Post by: Leonsfangirl on October 27, 2008, 10:40:16 am
I found this on who are taking pre orders for the blu-ray and umd versions of the film which they say will be released on January 12th.

The first Resident Evil CGI feature film based on the highly successful video game franchise. 7 years from Raccoon City, an attack by the zombies brings chaos to Harvardville Airport. Special agent Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield are able to save Senator Davis from the airport desaster. Their investigation finds that the incident was caused by Curtis, a terrorist seeking revenge for his family killed in Raccoon City. Soon thereafter Curtis heads to the lab of pharmaceutical company WilPharma and injects himself with the G virus to turn into a monster, to destroy all, and to finally expose the truth to the media. Can Leon and Claire fight and defeat the morphed Curtis at WilPharma and manage to escape from the collapsing airdome?

So it doesn't look like it is Birkin back from Re2 after all. :(

Title: Re: Basic Story info
Post by: William G Birkin on October 27, 2008, 05:16:55 pm
It's another guy who injected himself the g-virus. Someone always does this when Leon and Clare are near eachother. ;D Those two are a safety hazard! XX( :D