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Re 4 Movie on the way?

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Author Topic: Re 4 Movie on the way?  (Read 81 times)
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« on: July 02, 2008, 08:29:07 am »

here's what I know so far, ali larter in these days will sign (probably, I'll send you the link once this rumor is confirmed) the contract for resident evil 4 as main character. The rumor says that Alice will be in, but not as a presence, as a name, something like this, ali larter is fighting in alaska and alice is kicking wesker is japan. But nothing has been confirmed. What is sure is that Larter will sign only if she's gonna be tha main character, and the same goes for milla. Now we have a problem, as always; since if Anderson is gonna make the 4 th movie, then obviously alice will be main character, but if this new movie is going to be produced (as I think) by a new producer, we have great chances to see new characters in, and above all, more faithfullness to the games  Cool

Well I like resident evil trilogy, I want to be sincere, but I know that it could have been better without alice and respecting A LITTLE MORE game's saga.

Here's what I noticed about Anderson  Undecided , try and watch all 3 movies and pay attention to the ends...know what?!  Angry ONLY WOMEN SURVIVE!  Angry that's pathetic. pay attention 'cause I'm not a sexist, I'm just a man, and this is what I noticed so far:


Alice is the only survivor. Her friend Matt becomes the nemesis immediately after the end of the movie so he can be classified as dead. or worse.
From the special team, no one survived, J.D., tha great Kaplan, I liked him, but he died as well, or the squad leader, really cool, but ended quite immediately in the laser room.

Here apparently tha idiot of Anderson saves 4 people, ALICE, CARLOS, JILL AND L.J.
once you see the sequel, you'll find out that he saved carlos and L.J. only to die in the 3rd movie, and if not enough, he forgot JILL, maybe she's dead as well. Again Only Alice

Now think about how stupid he is. Anderson I mean. At the end ONLY ALICE, CLAIRE AND K-Mart survive!!!  Angry A 18 years old cry baby makes it, she survives, instead the hero, Carlos, is bitten by L.J., like an unexperienced soldier....c'mon! do you really think that Carlos would let a zombie bite him  Undecided  Isaac's super zombie didn't even scratch him, L.J. did, what a shame and stupid ending for a great soldier.

So, at the end of the trilogy, only women survive, impossible thing in my opinion, since apart from super alice  Undecided Carlos is more experienced than a 18 years old child or a woman like claire, that we don't know WTF she represents in there. WTF is she?! Chris's sister not, since chris doesn't exist there. She's not a police woman. SO WHAT THE FU** IS SHE?! and she's able to use a helicopter too  Cheesy

actually carlos says to alice that thanks to claire that convoy was created, so she is a civilian, a damned civilian who survives in place of carlos  Cheesy pathetic.

Let me say something. since this kind of movie is created for fans, producer should at least create an alternate ending, or even 3, so that everybody is happy. Then he should put this alternate ending in dvd's special content, so that you can see your hero live.

and to finish my discourse, pay attention to what Paul W. S. Anderson did, he actually killed a character that still lives in re games  Roll Eyes he killed carlos  Cheesy carlos may be one of the few survivors at the end of the games and he killed him without any problem.

This guy ruined resident evil, he DOESN'T HAVE RESPECT for characters and above all for MALE characters, that's why I want him to change, I gave you many important aspects to change this producer, he's seriously a disgrace to re characters. ANd let me add one last thing, if he's gonna produce re4, we'll see the end of ALBERT WESKER, I'm sure of it, he's gonna kill wesker using alice. this stupid idiot thinks that he owns tha games, if I were CAPCOM, I WOULD HAVE DENOUNCED HIM FOR KILLING AN IMPORTANT CHARACTER LIKE CARLOS. Who gave him the right to take such important decision?  Roll Eyes

Anderson= unrespectful Idiot
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