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Alright BOYS Guess WHAT SPOILERS "SPOILER" FAQ walkthrough and SOOO FORT

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Author Topic: Alright BOYS Guess WHAT SPOILERS "SPOILER" FAQ walkthrough and SOOO FORT  (Read 96 times)
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« on: March 08, 2009, 03:11:57 pm »



This file is designed to provide quick assistance for the player who cannot
figure out the easier ways to defeat a boss or boss like monster in the game
Resident Evil 5 (BioHazard 5).

  Chainsaw / Axe / Hammer / Mini-gun Giants
These are larger than normal zombies wielding larger than life weapons. They
are tougher than the regular zombies and are able to kill Chris or Sheva with
one or two hits.

If the giant zombies are using the melee weapons, do enough damage to their
lower bodies to stun or stagger them. While they are stunned, use an up-close
melee attack to do more damage to them (about the equivalent to a grenade).
Detonating an explosive near one (like explosive barrel) will cause one to be
stunned almost immediately.

For the minigun zombie captains, try upgrading your firepower to take them out
from far away (scoped rifle). Remember you can sail through the first time on
the easiest setting, steadily bumping up your subsequent games to harder and
harder difficulties once you've upgraded your equipment.

  Furnace / Crematory Boss
This boss is defeated easily once you know the secret of luring it into the
fiery furnace. Use your partner to trigger the furnace switch after you lure
the boss into the furance and after you get your own character free from the
killzone (the furnace kills your character instantly).

You can also add additional damage to the boss by toppling the two explosive
cannisters in the room and having the boss swallow them. Once the boss has one
of the cannisters held, simply shoot the cannister to have it explode. Should
you do that, the boss will likely die with one entrapment within the furnace.

  El Gigante #2
This boss is similar to El Gigante from Resident Evil 4, but the whole fight is
done on the jeep as a rail / gallery shooter. The key things to keep in mind
are to concentrate fire on the critical elements to get rid of them quickly.

 (1) The Crossbow soldiers are dangerous because they can kill your character
     almost instantly with group fire. Kill them quickly when they appear.

 (2) Pay attention to the quicktime events. When the buttons appear on your
     screen, press them above all else, or you can expect to take seriously
     heavy damage.

 (3) Focus fire on the boss' head, weapons, etc. otherwise it will go and
     carry through with the attack and either kill you instantly or do lots
     of damage.

 (4) Use the two explosive barrels in the arena to interrupt the boss' attacks.

  Flying Boss (from back of truck)
This boss is in an arena with many, many proximity mines. Use a prox mine to
knock over the boss. This exposes the enemy's vulnerable underside. Attack the
underbelly relentlessly to defeat it. If you have two active players, a second
player can place a prox mine next to the fallen boss so it is knocked over
instantly once it tries to upright itself again.

  Aquatic Tentacle
Another rail-type boss. The dinghy Chris and Sheva are one has two forward
firing grenade launchers and two rear firing machineguns. Alternate with the
emplaced weapons and you will expend very little actual ammunition. Just be
sure not to miss the tentacles when they appear, or you will drag the fight
out longer than usual.

As with the El Gigante jeep gallery, you will need to do the quicktime events
error-free, or you will most likely not come out of the fight alive.

  Insect Pincer Guy
This boss has two pincers it uses to smash you and attacks you around a small
circular platform. Simply shoot the orange bulbs with the Las Plagas and cause
its head to collapse to the platform. Once the boss' mouth is in arm's reach,
go and use context action on it (you will place a free grenade into its mouth).

Once enough grenades are placed into the boss' mouth, the skull of the boss is
exposed and the orange bulb on the head is your final target.

  Flamethrower Boss
This guy is similar to the Furnace boss, but you need to do a little more work.
First off, as the boss has exposed orange bulbs, shoot those first. Dodge the
attacks the boss throws your way using quicktime.

When the boss forms into a black stalk with no vulnerable spots, use the flame
thrower in the room and roast the boss to expose the orange bulbs. Repeat the
process with destroying orange Las Plagas bulbs and use regular gunfire to get
rid of the boss' weak points.

  Satellite Ship Boss
This boss is perhaps the largest one you will face in the game. Like the other
bosses, shoot the orange bulbs on the boss' appendages to slow their motion.
Only when the boss has slowed its movement of its arms can the targeting laser
achieve a lock-on and allow the satellite laser to be fired. Whether the orange
bulbs are spread over the boss' whole form or concentrated in one spot, your
goal is to simply find a method to lock the satellite laser on a target long
enough for it to fire.

This boss will spit out small globule like enemies. Use regular gunfire to
destroy these enemies, as they will drop ammunition and other items.

  Albert Wesker and Jill valentine
For the first portion of the fight, simply avoid Wesker for 7 minutes. You do
not appreciably do any damage to him during this time. Once Wesker departs, you
have to find a way to kill Jill, without actually turning her into Raggedy Ann.

Attempt to disarm Jill Valentine by grappling with her using quicktime events.
You have to do this several times, but you do not have to expend ammunition at
all unless you opt to shoot the very obvious mind controlling medallion on her
chest to stun her.

Remember to quickly and repeatedly press the displayed buttons to defeat Jill.
The displayed word "HOLD" is referring to the action being done to Jill --
retraining her. It is not a clue to hold the displayed button.

  Wesker (Light Room)
Fight Albert Wesker in this room of four lights and a free rocket launcher.
Since Wesker warps to avoid your gunfire, you need to find a way to distract
his ass. Begin by having your partner or you take up the rocket launcher. The
distraction is done by turning off one of the four lights in the room by using
the light's respective lever.

Once the light is off, Wesker will try and turn the light back on. While he is
walking to throw the switch, he will not dodge your shots. Shoot the rocket
launcher at Wesker so he wrestles with the rocket propelled projectile. While
he is wrestling with the warhead, you are free to damage him with your regular

To get more rockets for the launcher, head upstairs or downstairs to find a
box of rocket ammo. Reload the rocket launcher and repeat the light turning
off, rocket launcher, and shoot pattern until Wesker loses. You do not.

  Wesker (Volcano)
This boss is more straight forward. Shoot his body in the first phase of the
fight. Your goal is to do enough damage to get to the second phase of the
fight. If you are running out of ammunition for this battle, you may need to
go do a little grinding on previously completed chapters. Firepower and the
amount of ammunition in your weapon is very critical in the final parts of
the game.

For the second phase of the game, shoot the emblem on Wesker (the same one Jill
had). Like Jill, you have to find a way to grapple Wesker (or weaken him enough
to do so). Once Wesker is grappled, inject him with the serum.
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« Reply #1 on: March 08, 2009, 03:37:27 pm »


o Use hazardous objects around you
o Keep track of your partner's ammo
o Grab everything and look for items
o Dying Status requires immediate action
o Try to stun your enemies and use Melee attacks

o Destructible & Advantageous surroundings objects:
There are various objects which you can use to your advantage to harm your
enemies in RE5.  These objects often also cause a stun to the enemy, which you
can use to your advantage by using melee attacks.  Below is a list of these

Transformer Box
These are the electricity boxes hanging at wooden poles - they look sparky, and
they actually are.  If you shoot them off when an enemy is standing/running
underneath it, you'll have harmed the enemy effectively.

Explosive Barrel
These red barrels are a returning object and explode when shot.  Especially
useful for groups of Majinis or Mini-Bosses, but you'll want to be a few meters
away from the blast, and so does your partner.  Mind your fire!

Oil Barrel Stacks
These look like a few smaller barrels stacked onto each other.  When shot they
ignite fire in a fair radius, burning the surrounding enemies.

o Keep track of your partner's ammo:
The amount of ammo for your partner's ammo is displayed twice: Once for the clip
which is displayed in green next to the weapon.  The rest of your partners ammo
for their equipped weapon is listed next to the small bullet icon, either above
or under their name.  If your partner runs out of ammo and you have some that
you can't use, it's better to let them have it.

o Random Items:
Wooden Crates, Wooder Barrels, Fruit; These are the kinds of things you'll want
to destroy with you knife to grab the loot that's inside.  This kind of loot is
random and will therefore be displayed in the guide as either [CRATE], [BARREL],
[FRUIT].  Fixed items are exactly pinpointed in the walkthrough section, and
some items are fixed even in Barrels, etc.  This will be pointed out as well.

o Dropped Items:
Enemies can randomly drop items you can pick up.

o Loot Type:
There are various types of loot which you can recognize by the color.  The
following colors represent these types of loot:

                       |Color|Type of Loot:            |
                       |Blue |Valuable Gems, Gold, etc.|
                       |Green|Restorative Items (Herbs)|
                       |Red  |Ammunition               |
                       |White|Key Items                |

o Dying Status means: Take Action .. NOW!
If you or your partner fall into the Dying Status it will not be possible for
them to heal themselves.  The only thing they can do is slowly drag themselves
away from the danger.  Partner help is immediately required, otherwise you may
soon view the game over screen.  You can do one of the following:

1. Heal your partner with a Herb - this is the preferred option.
2. Heal your partner with an adrenalin shot.  These will be used if you don't
   have any herbs in your inventory and their healing power is small.  However,
   these shots are infinite in supply, so they can be quite a .. life saver!

o Stunning Enemies:
This isn't about the graphical detail of the Majinis - which indeed looks quite
stunning to me - but more so about how to stagger your foes and taking advantage
of this.  Headshots often stagger a Majini, but so can a shot to the legs or
arms.  When an enemie is staggered and you're standing nearby (or when you get
nearby) you can hit the interaction button to perform a melee attack.

You can stun a Majini in the following ways:

|Target Area:|Stun effects:                                                    |
|   Head     |1. Majini will grab his face and put a few steps for/backward.   |
|            |2. Majini will look downward.                                    |
|   Arms     |1. Majini will grab his shot arm.                                |
|            |2. Majini will grab his shot arm and leans forward.              |
|   Legs     |1. When shot in lower leg, Majini will fall to his knees.        |
|            |2. When shot in upper leg, Majini will grab their shot leg.      |
|            |3. When shot in legs while running, the Majini will fall.        |

All stuns can be used to your advantage by using a melee attack.  These are
covered in this section.

                           |     MELEE COMBAT:    |

                                Chris Redfield:
|Melee Name:   |How to initiate:                                               |
|     Hook     |Get the arm-grab stun animation.                               |
|     Kick     |Get the arm-grab stun animation; Chris must be behind Majini.  |
|Straight Punch|Shoot a Majini in the head.                                    |
|   Uppercut   |Shoot a Majini in the leg.                                     |
|  Neck Break  |Shoot a Majini in the leg; Chris must be behind Majini.        |
|   Haymaker   |Use after your partner has stunned Majini with melee.          |
|  Back Hand   |Use after your partner has stunned Majini with melee; Chris    |
|              |must be behind Majini.                                         |
|    Stomp     |Majini must be lying on the ground.                            |
|    Stomp     |Majini must be lying on the ground, Chris faces/destroys head. |

Most melee attacks will stagger the surrounding enemies, giving you time to
recover from the animation yourself. 

                                 Sheva Alomar:
|Melee Name:   |How to initiate:                                               |
|  Twist Kick  |Get the arm-grab stun animation.                               |
|     Knee     |Get the arm-grab stun animation; Sheva must be behind Majini.  |
|  Roundhouse  |Shoot a Majini in the head.                                    |
|  Somersault  |Shoot a Majini in the leg.                                     |
|  Throat Slit |Shoot a Majini in the leg; Sheva must be behind Majini.        |
| Skull Crusher|Use after your partner has stunned Majini with melee.          |
| Spinning Back|Use after your partner has stunned Majini with melee; Sheva    |
|     Kick     |must be behind Majini.                                         |
|    Impale    |Majini must be lying on the ground.                            |
|    Impale    |Majini must be lying on the ground, Sheva faces/destroys head. |
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« Reply #2 on: March 08, 2009, 03:41:42 pm »



DIRECT LINK 1-4 chapter detailed ENJOY
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« Reply #3 on: March 09, 2009, 03:53:49 am »

great job, I find what I read really useful, now all the gamers that pass from here without registering can at least take advantage basing on what you wrote. thanks  Wink
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